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Welcome to our wonderful production of Imagine Dat! The (after) Life of Jimmy Durante told through Stories, Characters, and Song!


An entertaining 70 minute solo show about the man behind the nose, the maestro behind the music, and the jester behind the jokes, with songs in true Durante style, as well as his friends!

A theatrical Production which spans six decades of the life of this great iconic American entertainer.


It is INCREDUBLOUS as jimmy wakes up from his funeral and has to RECONSTYLE his life to God before scatting away from the waiting room of his(after) life. Enjoy Jimmy CONVERBALATING and singing about his days in vaudeville, speakeasies, nightclubs, Broadway, radio, motion pictures and television. It's CASAMYCLISMIC as you meet Jimmy's friends including, Eddie jackson, Lou Clayton, Toodles LeMay, Eddie Cantor, Frankie Sinatra, Gary Moore, Carmen Miranda, and many more!

This show is approved by the Estate of Jimmy Durante.

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Show Dates coming Soon

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